History and monuments

The tour includes visits to popular historical monuments, like palaces, and temples. Nirup will have local guides explain the historical significance and details of the monarchy and the empire … [Read More...]

Flora and fauna

The Southern indian peninsular host many nature and wildlife reserves.   Nirup will include a safari into one of the wildlife reserves, depending on the time of the year, to view the … [Read More...]

Cooking demonstrations

Nirup is a chef by trade and has organised for cooking demonstration in different states, so that travellers can see the difference in the cooking method and ingredients. It is the best way to enjoy … [Read More...]

Free time for relaxation

There will be ample time for relaxation as the pace of the tour is slow to medium. Travellers can expect to relax by the pool, read, catch up with locals, learn to wear a sari or dhoti, learn the art … [Read More...]