Our Tour Leader

My name is Nirup and I am an Australian, of Indian origin. I grew up in India, in a place called Mysore or Mysuru as it is locally known. I am a qualified chef and entrepreneur and have been running my own restaurant business on the northern beaches of Sydney, for the past 24 years. I first started my travel company in 2014, because of my love of travel and experiencing something new. Whether it is just new culture, language, food and natural or man made beauty, travel gave me a unique insight into the diversity of human civilization. Living half my life in India and the other half in Australia, allows me to be the bridge between the two countries and cultures.

Growing up in India gave me a unique upbringing that included traditional Indian and also modern Indian cultures. When I travel with a group, I am able to explain and clarify the nuances of Indian lifestyle clearly, in a way that we perceive things in Australia. I carefully plan and curate the tours so that a realistic and authentic experience is delivered to my customers. Travel changes perspectives, clears and clarifies doubts and is actually quite liberating. I love telling stories that I heard from my elders and parents, and India is full of stories, mythology, and folklore. It can be confusing and feel like you are in a maze, and it is my job to throw light and showcase India as one of the greatest destinations for travelers on earth.

While India is famous for the Taj Mahal, there are many more attractive and ancient buildings as old as 3 or 4 thousand years, which have not been on the tourist radar. These lesser-known sites and destinations are the true gems and astonishingly beautiful areas that we visit while on my tours. Come to India with me and see it through different eyes, through the eyes of an Indian.

Core Values

Working with local communities

We are aware that local communities of both India and Australia are a part of the social fabric that bind us. We reach out to them in numerous ways that include employment and a host of social, economic and cultural interactions that mutually benefit and strengthen ties between us.

Creating eternal experiences

We create travel experiences that let you explore culture, community, rituals, traditions and nature intimately. These experiences are themed around you - your awareness and aspirations! They are designed to sharpen your vision and heighten your understanding of the web of life around you as you get immersed in its warmth, colour, diversity and wisdom.

Caring for the environment & wildlife

We consciously remember to touch nature with sensitive hands and respect the ecosystems that support us. Every year we choose to stay at environmentally friendly and sustainably responsible hotels and resorts that support the local and indeginous population around the forest areas.